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Lessen The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

Helps In Avoiding Osteoporosis

Helps In Reducing Cholesterol Level

Lessen The Risk Of Atherosclerosis

Original natural Multipurpose Cooking Medium Sweets Maker

Rachita Lite multipurpose Cooking Medium sweets maker will continue to grow as an FMCG major, delighting national and Samridhi Marketing workforce is backed by a professional team of skilled and experienced people. The company has a well equipped in-house production unit with state-of-the-art machines. Its vast number of inspection instruments help in providing customers with consistent quality at all times.

Among its state-of-the-art equipment used in the manufacturing units are a hygienic unit for imparting instant properties to FMCG, a Fluidizer that enables best quality Multipurpose Cooking Medium (Sweets Maker) best for Heart/Low cholesterol/Blood pressure to impart agglomeration properties and Auto de-sludging separators for separating fat and solid-not-fat components of milk.


Samridhi’s workforce is experienced, highly skilled, extensively trained and thoroughly understands that every single customer deserves the best and nothing but the best. Our brands are supported by a team that has the ability to maintain its reputation on their shoulders and take it forward to the next level. Our team has the back up of a company which has been winning the heart of people by providing them with the best services and leading the way.

  • Suraj Singh
    Rachita Lite  is one of the largest brands of Natural Multipurpose Cooking Medium (Sweets Maker). Most of the consumers choose this Multipurpose Cooking Medium for their daily use.It is very pure and clean Sweets Maker. This is very healthy Multipurpose Cooking Medium. Rachita Lite Multipurpose Cooking Medium (Sweets Maker) consist of large amount edible Sweets Maker.
    Suraj Singh